Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Your Custom College Essay

The challenge of drafting the perfect college essay can be quite formidable.  Questions such as "What defines me?" and "How do I portray my true self in 500 words?" can cloud one's thinking, robbing the writer of the ability to take a step back and recognize that one unique story that would set him/her apart from the crowd.  That's where I come in...

I am an Ivy League graduate, award winning high school journalist, and recipient of an 800 on the SAT II writing exam.  During high school, I wrote a college essay that earned me admission to several Ivy League Universities.  Furthermore, as part of my task as a member of student government, I evaluated college essays alongside admissions personnel.  I learned how one stellar sentence can make an essay, and further how one "fake" sentence could ruin an essay.

What do I have to offer you? 

1) I will interview you over the phone, seeking to gain a deep insight into what sets you apart from the crowd.  I will probe your high school career, both in and out of the classroom, paying special attention for that one spark that could inspire a truly unique college essay. 

2) Once we have agreed upon a direction, I will write the essay, drawing upon my considerable experience to ensure that it comes across as real and convincing.  Most importantly, I will avoid all the pit-falls that tip off admissions counselors' "BS alarms"

3) Within a week, we'll arrange a time for me to read it to you over the phone.  If you like it, then I'll email it to you in exchange for a $250 fee.  This way, you're not obligated to pay me unless you are satisfied with my work.

With college admissions becoming more and more competitive, a stand-out college essay can make or break your candidacy to the school of your dreams.  Don't take chances by guessing what the admissions committee wants to hear.  Work with me, and I'll make sure that your essay catches the reader's attention.   

Email me at IvyLeagueEssayWriter@gmail.com if you have any further questions, or if you'd like to arrange for my services

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